Top 10 foods which magically shed weight

Top 10 foods which magically shed weight


1.     EGGS:

Eggs are the most beneficial food in losing weight instantly. It contains only 78 calories but it has so many nutrients in it, especially the egg yolk that the body requirement is fulfilled.

In the past people usually avoided eating eggs as it could increase the cholesterol level causing heart attack but recent studies have shown that they don’t adversely affect blood cholesterol thus they don’t cause heart attacks.

What’s best in it is that if you start your day by eating eggs as breakfast you won’t feel hungry for the rest of the day. Eggs are rich in proteins and healthy fats that make you feel full with a very less amount of calories.

Eggs contain all the essential amino acids which help in running the metabolism of your body faster and hence you lose weight. So egg is not only low calorie food rather it also helps in losing a few calories per day.



Top 10 foods which magically shed weight

Vegetables like spinach, broccoli and lettuce are also a source of weight loss.  Lettuce contains only 50-60 calories per pound. It as an efficient source of Vitamin B, folic acid and manganese that help regulate blood sugar. In addition to it, it is also vital for proper immune system.

Broccoli contains abundant amount of calcium. Also it is very low in calories and filled with lots of fiber.

So these vegetables are healthy for the body. They contain many different vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They fulfill body nutrients with low calories. They contain lots of calcium which studies have shown help in burning body fat.



3.     GREEN TEA:

Top 10 foods which magically shed weight

Green tea is the easiest way of losing weight. Drinking 3 to 4 cups of green tea a day will help you lose a few calories. Green tea contains catechins that are directly linked to weight loss. It prevents the accumulation of body fat. It also increases the body temperature hence you burn more calories.

Green tea also contains caffeine which helps your body in burning both calories and fat. According to a research we burn 9 extra calories for every 100 milligrams of caffeine we intake.




Oily fish like salmon is also a healthy food. It keeps your body full by in taking only a few calories. Salmon is enriched with high quality protein and healthy fats. It contains tons of important nutrients that are necessary for proper functioning of the thyroid.  Thyroid increases the metabolism and aids in losing calories. Some other fish like trout, sardines and herring are also low calorie healthy food for weight loss.



5.     MEAT:

Top 10 foods which magically shed weight

Meat has lately been criticized a lot for causing many diseases and being very harmful. Whereas the truth is that meat helps a lot in losing weight. It is highly enriched with proteins. Eating a high protein diet helps you burn 80 to 100 calories a day. So, meat is the right food for you if you are looking for something delicious as well as something that will help in losing you weight.



Top 10 foods which magically shed weight

Beans and legumes also aid in weight loss. For example lentils, black beans and kidney beans are excellent weight reducers.

They are high in proteins but low on fats. They also contain lots of fiber.

People usually use beans in making salads for a low calorie diet.




Top 10 foods which magically shed weight

Avocados are a very unique kind of fruit. They contain high amount of fatty acids which help in removing belly fat.  So by eating avocados we burn the fats with the fats. In addition to fatty acids they also contain lots of water. It also contains fiber and potassium. All these nutrients are highly beneficial for the body and aid in losing weight.



8.     SOUPS

Top 10 foods which magically shed weight

Foods which contain plenty of water like vegetables and fruits, has a low energy density. Such type of meals tends to make people eat lesser calories. Soup is one of such foods. According to a research those people who started their day by having vegetable soup ate 20 percent fewer calories over the course of their meal. So soup is the food for you during your weight loss diet plan.





Top 10 foods which magically shed weight

Vinegar is very useful in weight loss. Vinegar increases the feeling of fullness and it makes you eat 200-275 lesser calories for the rest of your day. Apple cider vinegar is taken by many people as a weight loss food. Some people dilute it in water and drink it. A study showed that in obese individuals the intake of 15 or 30 ml of vinegar per day for 12 weeks caused weight loss of 2.6 to 3.7 pounds.


10.             NUTS

Top 10 foods which magically shed weight

Although nuts are high in fats but they do not integrally fatten you. Studies displayed that nuts can improve metabolism of your body and can cause weight loss. They are a very good meal as they contain balanced amount of protein, fiber and healthy fats. You just have to take the right amount of nuts to fit your diet plan. A study of 2011 found out that taking an ounce of nuts a day increased the serotonin level which removes stress levels aiding in diminishing belly fat.







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